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Client Testimonials

We always like to include our clients in the process and deliver pertinent recommendations.  Clients appreciate  us and value our ability to ensure their insurance needs are pushed through quickly.  We keep in touch with our customers, always follow through with great service and it shows in the following comments:


Chariton Insurance Services does not sell you insurance policies; they provide you peace of mind.  Our experience as a small business that values human capital as our main resource for success; we have received the expertise and diligence in care and research for the right plans for our employees.  What makes Chariton Insurance Services stand apart from other insurance service companies is the extreme diligence they take in making sure the policies you need meet the needs and budget of your company.  There is never compromise on integrity, and their consistency of making sure that the products presented to the subscribers are earmarked with excellence in personalized service and follow through.  It is with the highest recommendation that Desert Family Medical Center shares with potential clients that Chariton Insurance Services should be the first phone call you make when choosing insurance policies and learning about various policies that will help your company and/or your family have the  assurance of honesty, transparency, and first rate assistance when you are trying to create a safety net for yourself and the people in your life that matter most.


Erik G. Palmer, DO, Medical Director

Kimberley Yang, PhD, LMFT, Executive Director

Desert Family Medical Center

Palm Springs and Cathedral City

Jean Chariton has been invaluable to our business and our employees.  She goes the extra mile to make sure employees have an easy time navigating their health care needs.  She helps us with confusing open enrollment, helps employees complete their paperwork, and even makes calls to doctor's offices and other healthcare professionals to make sure everyone gets the most benefit from our health insurance.  She really cares and it shows.
Mark and Michele DeMille, Owners of Millestone Marble & Granite.  
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Jean Chariton and Chariton Insurance Services studies our business, and they serve as strategic advisors as well as brokers. They help solve problems in thoughtful and innovative ways. They work together with us to deliver better solutions than we could create independently. Jean and Jessica provide exceptional personalized service. We highly recommend Chariton Insurance Services to other companies that are in need of a reputable and experienced insurance broker.

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